50 Android Projects in 100 Days



Github address: https://github.com/spkingr/50-android-kotlin-projects-in-100-days
More about me: http://liuqingwen.me

I learn Android skills by self-taught, and use Kotlin in all my Android projects, I start this project for testing my skills and the improvement of my programme. The samples are all from the web site, I take it and just write by myself. Most of the projects I cannot finish it once I see the final output, so I will use Google search and StackOverFlow to find my solution, and try my best to make them done! And after all I have uploaded and updated the projects to my Github pages. If you have some questions please leave me a comment and I’ll appreciate it! smile

#To do list:

  1. Parcelable/Serializable data
  2. SwapRefreshLayout or SwapRefreshRecyclerView
  3. SoundPlayer
  4. SurfaceView with canvas drawing
  5. Landscape of mobile and OnSaveInstance
  6. Viewstub with X button evoking hidden and swipe for showing
  7. WebView
  8. Scroller
  10. Tabs with Fragments
  11. Floating window
  12. RXJava Retrofit and okHttp

20. Simple Search Web View

Date: 2017-10-18


What I learned from this demo:

  • Work with WebView, set the client as WebViewClient and WebChromeClient
  • Use the ToolBar instead of ActionBar, try SearchView in the tool bar
  • Save and retrieve list items (StringSet) in shared preferences
  • Add or remove item in RecyclerView, handle long click events on list item
  • Deal with the WebView in NestedScrollView through the library: NestedScrollWebView in Github

Resource: NestedScrollWebView

19. Downloader With Notifications

Date: 2017-10-14


What I learned from this demo:

  • Use the basic notifications in Android
  • The asynchronized task with doAsync and uiThread in Kotlin
  • Basic file and stream operations in Android

18. Basic File Operation

Date: 2017-10-4


What I learned from this demo:

  • Use SharedPreferences to store and retrieve simple data
  • Basic file operations on Android system, with openFileInput and openFileOutput
  • Set data in the activity result and return

17. Simple Broadcast Receiver

Date: 2017-09-27


What I learned from this demo:

  • Use one of the most four important components in Android: Broadcast Receiver
  • Extension functions in Kotlin with AppCompatActivity
  • Try the open-source library: EventBus to post and handle events, and also the CircleImageView
  • Reduce the redundant of layout by using <inlucde> tags

I am still not very clear with Android BroadcastReceiver, I found that it sometimes(especially for the single app development) can be replaced with EventBus through publish/subscribe pattern, is that right?

16. Self Adaption

Date: 2017-09-12


What I learned from this demo:

  • Use the Fragments in the Activities
  • Specify different layouts for different size or screen orientation (layout-land and layout-large)
  • Use the empty view element as spacer or divider (be careful of the tag, it is View not view!)
  • Dynamically set the visibility of view

Till now I have no idea of using the savedInstanceState variable to make the data consistent while rotate the screen orientation, I should try it out later.

15. Database with Room

Date: 2017-09-04


What I learned from this demo:

  • Use the Room Persistence Library for the basic database operations: INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE/QUERY
  • Work with data class in Kotlin and the let lamda, and the annotations
  • Convert date types to string types, and vice versa by using SimpleDateFormat or DateFormat.getDateInstance()
  • Use adb shell and sqlite3 command to query the data in emulator local system files:
$ adb quit
# for more than one devices found here
$ adb devices
$ adb -s <emulator name> shell
$ cd data/data/me.liuqingwen.android.projectdatabaseroom/databases
$ sqlite3
$ .open <dbname.db>
$ .tables
$ SELECT * FROM <table name>

Resource: Room

14. Activity Animations

Date: 2017-09-01


What I learned from this demo:

  • Transitions between activities use overridePendingTransition
  • Work with animation xml resource file, the difference of “50%” and “50%p” (relative to parent view)
  • Override onBackPressed method to finish the activity

13. Simple Activity with Intent

Date: 2017-08-31


What I learned from this demo:

  • Dealing with the custom item click handler of RecyclerView
  • Start an intent to show another Activity by startActivityForResult
  • Get the result from another activity through method of onActivityResult

12. Simple Animations with Custom View

Date: 2017-08-30


What I learned from this demo:

  • Custom view with custom attributes (declared in the xml value file)
  • Use onMeasure to set the correct size of view
  • Use onDraw to display the paint on the canvas
  • Work with the basic object animator and animator-set
  • The importance of lazy properties in Kotlin, think about the code:
//the [sunColor] initialized here will be changed later in the constructor through xml user attributes.
private var sunColor = Color.RED
//the paint directly initialized will not be the expected one, as the [sunColor] will change later for xml attributes!
private val paint = Paint(Paint.ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG).apply {
this.color = this@SunView.sunColor
this.isAntiAlias = true
//by using the lazy properties, the paint will be all right with the [sunColor] property!
private val paint by lazy {
Paint(Paint.ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG).apply {
this.color = this@SunView.sunColor
this.isAntiAlias = true

11. Simple Scalable ImageView

Date: 2017-08-28


What I learned from this demo:

  • Multiple constructors from base class inheritance in Kotlin
  • The basic knowledge of custom view: onLayout (left, right, top, bottom)/setFrame/onTouchEvent (Here I should always return true for receiving other touch events)
  • Multi-touch handle on views: use event.actionMasked instead of event.action

This is a bad-experienced project(view), I think I have to improve that in the next days while learning.

11. Simple ASynchronized Works

Date: 2017-08-17


What I learned from this demo:

  • Try to figure out the differences of usage between Handler and AsyncTask in Android
  • Download file from server via OkHttp and read bytes from InputStream
  • RandomAccessFile for writing file content from specified positions

Till now I can’t figure out a solution to pause/resume the downloading tasks, and I will try it later.

10. Swipe Refresh RecylcerView

Date: 2017-08-16


What I learned from this demo:

  • Work with SwipeRefreshLayout and RecyclerView
  • Basic AlertDialog and Snackbar usage
  • Custom header and footer item in RecyclerView (It looks a little weird!)

9. Simple Video Player

Date: 2017-08-14


What I learned from this demo:

  • The first time explore the MediaPlayer with SurfaceView
  • Got idea of LayoutParams and its simple properties (ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams)

8. Basic Material Design

Date: 2017-08-12


What I learned from this demo:

  • Basic material design elements: DrawerLayout, NavigationView, CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout with Toolbar and FloatingActionButton
  • Try to use the open source Android libraries of RxAndroid, OkHttp, Gson and Glide, ect.
  • DrawerLayout must work with a child with layout_gravity property specified.
  • Gson tokens with types: object : TypeToken<List<Turns>>() {}.type is the right way.

Resource: RxAndroid, OkHttp, Gson, Glide

7. Recycle Image Loader

Date: 2017-08-11


What I learned from this demo:

  • CardView is very cute, isn’t is? (I hate the gap between image nad text!)
  • Load json data through HttpURLConnection and display view with ViewStub
  • Use doAsync{} and uiThread{} to do asynchronized task in Kotlin
  • Read InputStream in Kotlin and convert string data to JSONObject

6. Basic RecycleView

Date: 2017-08-09


What I learned from this demo:

  • The very basics of RecycleView
  • RecycleView with custom ViewHolder and Adapter, and layout managers
  • Using lazy delegates , and Pair<out A, out B> in Kotlin

In fact it shows the unexpected results, but I will give more effort to the RecycleView app next time.

5. Pick Image

Date: 2017-08-08


What I learned from this demo:

  • Start a intent and get the result from that
  • Work with local images and camera basics
  • Display bitmap data on an ImageView

4. My Location

Date: 2017-08-06


What I learned from this demo:

  • Work with LocationManager, get GPS providers and locations
  • Got to know how to request specified Permissions at RunTime
  • Use HttpUrlConnection to fetch data with url and read the input streams
  • The LAMDA of thread and runOnUiThread

My network is not stable, and I really do a lot of hard-code, I think I can fix that later.

3. Tip Calculator

Date: 2017-08-05


What I learned from this demo:

  • Work with EditText and SeekBar
  • The editor of keyboard event handler with EditText
  • Strings to formatted floats and strings remove specified prefix in kotlin

And what I cannot resolve is the focus changes of EditText and auto-hided of keyboard, I hope I can work it later.

2. Tap or Hold Counter

Date: 2017-08-04


What I learned from this demo:

  • Delegates of property in Kotlin
  • Basic usage of Timer and TimerTask
  • Button long click and touch event listener
  • AnkoLogger for test (I have deleted the test code, but the activity has implemented the interface)

1. Tap Counter

Date: 2017-08-03


What I learned from this demo:

  • Menu resource file creation and option menus add to title bar
  • Use anko library to reach UI elements easily in layout
  • Button click handler with lambda in kotlin
  • Change the button and text view appearance in editor
  • Basic usage of Git commands and Github repository with AS 3.0

Resource: anko

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